You ever just catch yourself smiling like an idiot and you think it’s for no reason but it’s really not? It’s because you’re talking to that one person who makes you happy. They make you feel alive, something you haven’t felt in awhile. They make your heart beat faster than normal and they make you anxious and nervous and it makes you sad when you don’t hear from them for a couple hours because you just want to talk to them all the time. You almost never run out of things to say and you’re just so madly in love with this person that it hurts. And you want to scream and pull your hair out when you see someone else flirting with them or interacting in a cute way because they’re only yours and you just want to scream to the whole world that you love this person and you don’t want anyone to take them away from you. That would just completely break you. They’ve become your everything, your entire world. You revolve around them, and really, that’s okay to you because it makes you happy. They make you happy.